We are not just a service, we are the solution.

BookSmart Accounting Solutions is a Full-Service accounting firm for small businesses and independent professionals in the Construction and Real Estate industries.

What makes us stand out from our competitors is our expertise, our products and our people.

This isn’t a hobby.
We are professionals who love what we do and we take pride in staying on top of changes to the latest rules and regulations. At BookSmart Accounting Solutions, we value our relationships, our knowledge with over a decade of experience in the two industries, our education and our personal & professional growth.

Bookkeeping is not our end-product. It is the tool we utilize to help you reach your individual goals. Whether that is to get a commercial loan, or to increase your net income, or to update your service rates to be competitive – we can help you achieve them!

We are CPAs, EAs, bookkeepers, Realtors and Real Estate Investors – and you have us right in your back pocket as your Trusted Advisors.

Your business is not accounting, OURS is.

We are experts who are detailed, meticulous and up to date on all the latest Federal and State regulations so that you don’t have to be.

NO MORE worrying if you’re staying compliant, if you’re making the right investments or if you have all the best tax savings for your business.

NO MORE stressing about filing your taxes before the deadline or getting them back in time!

Concentrate on building your business, your portfolio and/or your legacy while we take care of your financials.

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We take the security and privacy of our clients seriously. We protect your data and will never share or sell your information.